Choose today to visit the Dimore Amiche del Veneto,
art, culture, food and wine: stories of our homes, for the last 600 years

Visit the Dimore Amiche del Veneto: art, culture, tradition, extraordinary wine and local products where the stories of noble families join together with the excellence offered by the Veneto.
Six historic homes – four villas, a small village and a castle – open their doors offering the visitor the exclusive welcome by the people who have lived there for generations.
The visit to the Dimore Amiche del Veneto is the key to enter the unique story of a lifestyle that has lasted for over 600 years: centuries-old parks, ancient halls, medieval tales, recipes from the past, forgotten anecdotes. The Dimore Amiche del Veneto thus tell their stories. A unique experience and many different situations. Book now your Tour among the Dimore Amiche del Veneto. Discover the mansions. Find here are some ideas on what to do.


Castello di Thiene


Villa Angarano


Villa Sagramoso Sacchetti


Parco Frassanelle

Villa Valmarana ai Nani

Villa Valmarana ai Nani


Villa da Schio

ospitalita 1

Villa Rosa




Things To do

Dimore Storiche Italiane

L’Associazione Dimore Storiche Italiane (ADSI) lavora per la salvaguardia, conservazione, valorizzazione del patrimonio storico privato vincolato e, attraverso “Dimore storiche italiane” (progetto di ADSI Consulenze e Servizi), lavora per la promozione e lo sviluppo turistico delle dimore aperte al pubblico. Dimore Amiche del Veneto è un’offerta turistica specifica del Veneto all’interno dell’offerta Nazionale promossa da Dimore Storiche Italiane.
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