Parco Frassanelle

Parco Frassanelle, designed in 1860, extends over 70 hectares amidst gentle hills and green meadows and includes another 60 hectares of the renowned Frassanelle golf course within its boundaries. It is a rarity in the landscape of Veneto parks, being included in a unified area without interruptions or intrusions of public roads. The structure of this Veneto park is attributed to Alberto Papafava (1832-1929), a Romantic painter with a great sensitivity to nature. In redesigning the Frassanelle property, he implemented his ideal landscape by painting on the land rather than on canvas. The culture of the Romantic garden, which was spreading in Padua thanks to Jappelli, seeks to represent, even in not always very large spaces, a microcosm of all possible landscape aspects of a natural park.


The territory surrounding Frassanelle Park offers unique nature trails, scenic routes winding along the paths and the most characteristic points: the cave, the bamboo grove, the ravine, and the neoclassical temple.
In this splendid natural park, you can experience unique activities such as exploring the 19th-century artificial caves and observing rare species of animals and plants in still pristine environments.

Weddings and Events

Whether you’re planning a wedding with hundreds of guests or a romantic cozy reception, Frassanelle is the perfect venue for your special day. Surrounded by the gentle slopes of the Euganean Hills, Frassanelle is a historic residence owned by the Papafava dei Carraresi Counts since the 13th century. A green oasis where time seems to stand still, where the blend of our rural past and the lush nature of the hills has given rise to a unique venue.
Located just a few kilometers from Padua, Vicenza, and Rovigo, Frassanelle resembles a bustling, idyllic Tuscan village, with its large spaces once dedicated to agricultural activities: the courtyards, the barn, the former cellar, the farmhouses… all immersed in a lush, green park of 120 hectares, which we preserve and care for with love.
The spaces reflect those typical of a Venetian Gastaldia: spacious, informal, yet elegant, adorned with columns, arches, and well-maintained green areas (for ceremonies from 70 to 250 people).


Frassanelle Estate, with its splendid holiday villas immersed in the pristine landscape of the Papafava dei Carraresi Counts’ property, is the ideal destination for those who want to discover the beauties of Italy and the Veneto region.
Nestled between the cities of Padua and Vicenza, the villas are an excellent starting point for exploring the surroundings or the wonderful Venice, perfect for welcoming travelers who, after so much beauty, wish to relax in a neoclassical residence or within the spacious rooms of a seventeenth-century farmhouse.
The fascinating scenery of the Euganean Hills surrounds the Tempio, Lieta, and Bencontenta villas; a charming panorama of woods, meadows, and silence, to offer your guests an unforgettable experience of tranquility and well-being.
The villas are suitable for hosting families and groups from four to twelve people, but also to accommodate couples wishing to spend weekends or weeks in a comfortable and elegant environment.

Parco Frassenelle

Via Frassanelle 14 – 35030 Rovolon (PD)
Per visite al parco ed eventi
(dal lun. al ven. dalle 08:30 alle 17:00):
+39 331 4249860
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(dal lun. al ven. dalle 10:00 alle 20:00):
+39 335 1274151
Per matrimoni
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